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How to Pick a Fruitful Advertising Strategy to Maximise your Business’s Online Exposure

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Advertising Strategy - Mainly Blogging

Howdy! Do join us as we talk about having a fruitful advertising strategy.

On this post, we point out the effective ways to be successful when advertising a business online.

The main focus is on ads that are created to promote a business’s product or services.

We will be doing so while helping your brand get noticed, at the same time.

Let’s look at the advertisement types that are available on the market, below.

You can advertise your website on:

  1. Newspapers
  2. Magazines
  3. Social platforms
  4. Or another website (Banner ads, link and pop up ads).

Each advertisement type has its price tag and results. Banner ads usually cost more compared to pop ups or unders.

Therefore, before you choose an advertisement type write down your goals (what you are trying to achieve).

Your goals will help you to choose the correct advertisement type.

For instance, to gain visitors and even sign ups you may use pop up ads. For selling products or rendering services, you may try banner, newspaper, magazine and social media ads.

The correct advertisement type will engage with potential customers and increase chances for you to get your desired results.

Pop up and under ads on your Advertising Strategy

This form of advertisement costs less and will definitely reach your audience. Even though this form of advertisement costs less, there are few things you should know.

First of all, pop up ads can be distinguished in two (2), namely pop ups and pop unders. It is more advisable to use pop unders than to use pop ups. This is not because pop ups are bad but, has more to do with how people react to them.

Pop up ads will appear above the page the visitor is viewing at that time. They are more like the pop up window you get on your laptop when installing software. That same window prevents (or disturbs) you from doing what you were doing and leaves you with no choice but to ‘attend it’.

Depending on the importance of what you were doing on your computer (before the pop up). You will either close the pop up window (irritably) or you will check what it says and maybe click okay.


On the other hand, pop under ads will appear below the page the visitor is viewing. The user won’t notice it until he or she closes the page he or she was viewing at that time. This is less intrusive and users might react in a positive manner.

To increase your chances of getting positive reactions, your landing page should be informative, fascinating and eye-catching.

You should then consider using all the elements of a good advertisement. This includes: the usage of different fonts-size and format, eye-catching pictures, engaging headline, descriptive body, and a call to action button/link.

To test the waters of this advertisement type use PopAds. PopAds is one of the best popunder network and you can start creating multiple campaigns with only $10 (R142,37 rands).


Having Banners on your Advertising Strategy

Banner ads are no longer popular because of something called ‘banner blindness’.

Banner blindness is a phenomenon in web usability where visitors to a website consciously or unconciously ignore banner-like information – Wikipedia.

However, there are companies who are still using banner ads and are getting great results.

To be amongst those, you have to make sure that you banner ads are appealing and engaging as much as possible. I’d advise you to use banner ads if you have great products and services to offer. That’s only because they tend to cost a lot.

ShareASale is the platform to use to try this advertisement type. It is used and trusted by successful companies like Hostgator. A minimum deposit of $100 (R1 423,68 rands) is required to start creating campaigns.

Magazines and Newspapers Advertising Strategy

Magazines and newspapers ads can be considered as offsite SEO and are more like banner ads. The only difference may be on the price and audience. Having your ads on magazines and newspaper would obviously mean you are targeting local customers.

To get your ad on magazines and newspapers try contacting the publishing company in your town (or region).

You will often get their contact details inside the magazine or newspaper. You can also check their contact details on their website, if they have one.

In conclusion, choose suitable form of advertisement and don’t forget the elements of advertisement to get pleasing results.

If money isn’t really a problem, you can try all the advertisement types and compare the results.

All the very best and happy advertising! Don’t forget to share the post and please leave your comments below.

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