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Flash Mobicel Retro Software: Bring your Smartphone Back to Life in Minutes using SP Flash Tool!

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Flash Mobicel Retro Firmware Download and Flash - Mainly Blogging

The Mobicel Retro smartphone’s specifications.

Is your Mobicel Retro failing to power on? Is it stuck on the android logo screen? Or even worse! It shows a blank screen (white screen)?

Fear not, because the aim of this post is to help you bring your smartphone back to life.

A smartphone that has similar issues (mentioned above), the phone is said to be soft bricked.

What’s a Soft Brick? Causes of a Soft Brick

A soft brick (also known as boot loop) can be perceived as a problem caused by missing android’s built in files or bugs.

There’s no need to stress though, because a boot loop can be fixed easily.

A phone hanging on the logo screen or having a black or white screen are examples of a soft brick. You will notice this when an android phone fails to fully boot, hence ‘boot loop’. In short, a soft brick is an issue that is related to the software.

A lot of things can cause a boot loop and you can check them out below.

  1. Things like upgrading or updating your phone’s software. If your android phone has an android version 4.4 or earlier – you will get a notification (frequently) that advises you to update your phone’s software. You don’t have to worry about this notification if your phone has the latest android versions (android 5.0 and above).
  2. Downloading and installing apps from third-party sites. Any marketplace or website where you download or get your apps (other than Google Playstore) is a third-party site.
  3. Dropping your phone.

Now that you know what the causes of a soft brick are, let’s flash Mobicel Retro software.

What you need to Flash Mobicel Retro – Tools.

  1. You need to download and the SP Flash Tool on your computer. This is the software you will use to flash your smartphone.
  2. Download and install the VCOM drivers. These drivers will help your computer with detecting your smartphone.
  3. The Mobicel Retro Firmware.
  4. Fully functional USB cable.

How to Flash Mobicel Retro using SP Flash Tool: Step by Step Instructions.

  1. Go and download the SP Flash Tool. After downloading, go to the SP Tool folder and extract it (if in .zip format). After extracting, open the folder and look for Flash Tool, then open the software.
  2. Download the VCOM drivers and install (run) the software.
  3. Download the Mobicel Retro Firmware. If you don’t know where to get one, request it from us. We choose not to upload it for some reasons. Alternatively: Download it from the Firmware File website.
  4. Open your SP Flash Tool and locate your firmware .txt file. Add it to ‘Scatter-loading file’. You will get the .txt file in the Software or Firmware folder you downloaded on step 3.
  5. Remove your phone’s battery, sim card, and media card from the device. Connect the phone to the computer using a compatible USB cable. Don’t use a faulty USB cable.
  6. There’s a drop down menu below ‘Scatter-loading file’. Select the ‘Download only’ option, as it is the safest option and no files or data will be lost. Once done, hit the Start or Download button then insert your phone’s battery.
  7. The flashing process should then start. A small window (showing a green cycle with a correct sign) will pop up when the process is done.
  8. If the ‘Download only’ doesn’t work or you get an error… Try the ‘Format all + Download’ option and then ‘Download only’ option again.
  9. Disconnect the USB Cable. Remove and re-insert your phone’s battery then switch it on.

** Your Mobicel Retro smartphone should be working fine now.

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Important! Check if you can make calls or check your airtime balance.

If it shows a ‘Data connection only’ message, download and install the Kingo root and Chamelephon applications (on your android phone).

After download and installing the applications follow these steps:

  1. Open the Kingo root app and root your phone (internet connection is required).
  2. After successfully rooting it, open the Chamelephon app and enter your phone’s IMEI number(s). The IMEI number can be found under your phone’s battery or its box.
  3. After entering the IMEI number(s) and click ‘Apply new codes’.
  4. Restart your smartphone to apply changes.

There you go folks! That’s how easy it is to flash Mobicel Retro smartphone.

If you experience problems or you have something to share, leave a comment or contact us.


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