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Increase Your Website’s Organic Traffic Fast: Have your Website Content Listed on Google and Bing Search Engines.

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Google and Bing Webmaster Tools for Website Submission - Mainly Blogging

Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.

I have compiled this piece of content to help beginners with submitting their websites (or applications) to search engines. That’s not all though, you will also learn about the importance of submitting a site to search engines and be introduced to other tools you need to have your website (or application) crawled and indexed successfully.

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Submitting your website or applications to search engines (using Google and Bing webmaster tools) is essential and has great benefits. These tools will be a great help if you want to have a SEO friendly website and I believe this is every webmaster’s goal. Having a SEO friendly site helps your website to rank on the first page on search engines. In fact, having your website’s pages on the first page on search engines – should be your aim.

If you accomplish that you will receive more organic traffic.

Check out the sub topics I will be covering, below.

  • The definitions of the two most popular used terms ‘search engine’ and ‘sitemap’.
  • Important tools or accounts you need to manage your website or blog.
  • Importance of search engines and search engine optimization.
  • Creating a Google webmaster tools (also known as search console) account. Verifying your website and submitting a sitemap.
  • Creating a Bing webmaster account. Verifying website ownership and uploading a sitemap.

Definition of the term ‘Search Engine’

A search engine is an application that searches for, and retrieves data based on some a certain criteria. It uses specified words or keywords to search for content and documents on the internet.

Google, Bing and Yahoo are the most popular used search engines (with Google leading or as the #1 used search engine).

Definition of the term ‘Sitemap’

A sitemap can be said to be a simple, single and important folder that contains all the content (links) of a website. According to the Wiktionary, a sitemap is a web page that lists the contents and shows the structure of a website, to aid in navigation.

A sitemap can be created (easily) using certain online websites or even using plugins. Depending on the hosting platform you are using… WordPress users can simply use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin or even the one provided by the Yoast SEO plugin.

Important Tools or Accounts to Consider

  • Google analytics – You will use this to track your website’s visitors stats.
  • Google webmaster account (search console)
  • Bing webmaster account

Getting to Know Your Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Google and Bing webmaster tools are commonly used for submitting a website’s pages, posts, categories, tags to search engines in a form of a sitemap. The sitemap will have all your website’s pages, posts and so on as a simple – single file. Think of a ‘sitemap’ as a simple .zip file that contains all the important files you need.

Anyway, webmaster tools can also be used to manage and check your website’s stats, indexing, crawling, search keywords, internal links, linking pages and other important data. You should consider this data and do something like data analysing in order to improve your website’s SEO.

Creating your Google Webmaster tools (Search Console) Account

Google and Bing webmaster tools - Mainly Blogging

To create your Google webmaster tools account, you will need a Google email account. Signing up for a Google email account is simple and it takes about 2 minutes. If you already have one, go ahead and login to your Gmail account.

After signing in successfully, go to the Google Search Console website. On their welcome to search console screen, select the property you would like to add. Under property, you will be given two options: 1. to add your website and 2. to add your application. You can add your website using its URL or add your android app using its package name. Once done, click Add Property.

The next thing on the list is to verify your site’s ownership. This is a simple process that requires you to confirm that you own the site you have added. You can use the recommended method (which is uploading a HTML file to your website) to verify your site’s ownership. If you don’t know how to do that or you prefer a simple method; consider the other methods shown below.

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Other Ways To Verify Your Website Ownership

Google Search Console Ownership Verification Methods - Mainly Blogging

For WordPress users, I recommended the HTML Tag method. All you have to do, is copy the meta tag code given at Google. After copying it, go to your WordPress dashboard then Go to Appearance > Editor > Theme Header > Add the code between <head> and </head>.  

Others can choose their preferred method and click Verify. After a successful verification, get your sitemap’s URL and submit it to Google for crawling.

Creating your Bing Webmaster Tools Account

Google and Bing webmaster tools - Mainly Blogging

You can use your Gmail or Facebook account to create your Bing webmaster tools account. The process is quite the same as the Google Webmaster tools process.

Anyway, after creating your account click “Add (a) site”on your dashboard. You will be redirected to a screen where you can add your website’s URL and sitemap.

Bing website submit - Mainly Blogging

Now to verify the website you have added.

Google and Bing wbmaster tools - mainly blogging

For WordPress Users: Copy the provided code at Bing. Go to your WordPress dashboard then Go to Appearance > Editor > Theme Header > Add the code between <head> and </head>. When done go back to Bing to verify your site’s ownership.

After submitting, wait a few days to get your sitemap approved (Status: Success).

Few Things To Know

  • Search Engine Visibility: Google will show your site’s posts and pictures in a few days after submitting the sitemap. It takes almost forever for your site’s posts and pictures to be shown on Bing.
  • Tools and Options: Bing has more tools compared to Google. You can submit your site’s URLs using Bing’s ‘submit URLs’ tool! I believe this tool is used to submit links that are not indexed or crawled. Unfortunately Google doesn’t have this option.
  • Bing’s dashboard is simple and user friendly and Google on the other hand has a complicated dashboard (a bit though).
  • Do not remove the code(s) or file(s) used when verifying your site’s ownership.
  • Check your webmaster accounts regularly to keep track of your success and to fix (an) error(s).

After a couple of weeks you will see the number of pages, posts (and so on) that are indexed on your webmaster accounts.

That’s all for today! and don’t forget to stay tune for more information. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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