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Effective Way to Get Blog Traffic, YouTube Views and Facebook Likes Quick!

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Alexa Master Tool Review. Increase in Blog Traffic, Facebook Likes and Youtube views - Mainly Blogging

Alexa master is a traffic exchange platform that allows internet users to grow their businesses. The alexa rank master tool is great for promoting your website (to increase traffic), socializing, getting Facebook page likes, YouTube video views and for earning money online.

The AM platform can help a webmaster by increasing his or her website’s Alexa Rank (very fast). So if you have a bad alexa rank (or no alexa rank at all) – Alexa Master is the platform to try. Alexa master offers traffic from all over the world (including traffic from United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Germany and so on).

How Advertising Works On Alexa Master

You can advertise your business to millions of users using the points you earn (or buy) on their platform. Earning points on this platform is simple (when you are still new) and they also offer cheap packages for those running on a low budget. If you don’t want to buy points, you can earn points in the following ways:

  1. Visiting other people’s websites for a few seconds (it’s usually 20 seconds).
  2. Liking Facebook pages.
  3. Watching YouTube videos for a few seconds. (20 seconds).
  4. Doing small jobs for many points.

If you don’t have time for exchanging votes (or traffic), you can buy traffic for a few bucks. Actually, you are not buying traffic but you are buying points that can be used to get traffic (more like buying using a gift voucher). Website visits will cost you $0.0001 per visit, YouTube viewing costs $0.01 and Facebook page likes will only cost you $0.01 per like.


How To Earn More Points on Alexa master

In a day, one can earn up to five hundred points and even more when you are still new on their platform. When you are still new, you get Facebook pages that offer sixty points per like. As days go by you will be exposed to Facebook pages that offer a maximum of fourteen points per like. Website visits and YouTube views will reward you with points ranging from two to fourteen. Also, you can get free daily points ranging from seventy to hundred.

You can also earn points in a simple way by doing small jobs in a freelancer manner. You can write a blog post with a minimum of three hundred words to get thirty thousand points. Not into writing? Well, you can also do a video review to get sixty thousand points. However, your video review must show your face. For those who are into singing (music in general) they can write a song about Alexa Master to get ninety thousand points.

When done, submit your small job to the Alexa Master team by contacting them via their Support Center.

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Earning Money with Alexa Master

What about those who don’t own businesses, you ask? Well if you are one of those, you can turn your points into cash when you reach a threshold of $5.00. In other words you will visit websites, like pages, view YouTube videos and auto surf to earn points that can later be converted into cash.

Alexa Master Sign Up! It’s Free!

Alexa Master VIP and Points Packages

Traditional packages for small publishers and business owners.

  • 20,000 points plus 4 VIP days costing only $7
  • 50,000 points plus 8 VIP days costing only $17
  • 100,000 points plus 31 VIP days costing only $50

Points Packs

  • 20,000 points costing $4
  • 50,000 points costing $10
  • 100,000 points costing $20

VIP Days Packages

  • 3 VIP days costing $3
  • 7 VIP days costing $7
  • 30 VIP days costing $30

Want more? Do visit their website to get more packages!

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Word of Advice

The AM website will encourage you (on a daily basis) to unlock VIP features by purchasing their packages. Their VIP features include: The ability to delete locked websites, checking your traffic report, removing points on an active website and so on. I (personally) advise you not to buy their VIP packages. Actually, you should buy their VIP packages if they come with points. Buying packages that offer VIP features only is not really a good idea.

So, instead of buying packages that offer VIP features only! Go with packages that offer both VIP features and points. I still recommend buying the points only packages though…

That’s all for today guys do share your experiences with Alexa Master on the comments section. Also, If you need more information do comment or contact me.

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  1. I use it to increase my alexarank, just noticed that i have many referals and normally should have some $
    AlexaMaster is the perfect solution for those looking to increse their Alexa Ranking. And dont
    forget to assign points when you add website to AlexaMaster. AlexaMaster minimum payout is $1. Currently AlexaMaster has paypal and skrill payment method. So, what are you waiting for.
    So, please Signup for AlexaMaster now.

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