MTN’s Unlimited (Uncapped) Internet Surfing – An Affordable Data Bundle!

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MTN Unlimited Data Bundle valid for One Day 2018 Review - Mainly Blogging


Howdy! Do join us as we review the uncapped data bundle from MTN costing a few rands.

Uncapped ADSL – is an unlimited broadband internet connection that provides always on connectivity and uncapped data. You can enjoy no restriction on the amount of data you transfer in a month. Ideal for video calling, gaming, downloads etc. (Google definition).

I have been using MTN for a couple of years now and I always find their data bundles cheap. MTN has cheaper data bundles and has a better network coverage compared to Vodacom and Cell C. Recently, I came across this other data bundle from MTN and they claim that it is uncapped. The data bundle costs only R40.00 and it lasts for twenty-four (24) hours after the time of activation. To activate the bundle you have to dial *141*5# and select option one (manage bundles). Select option two on the next screen.

Since I wanted to update my computer, blog and do some research without worrying about running out of data. I decided to buy the uncapped data bundle from MTN and I will share my thoughts about the data bundle, below.

If it sounds too good to be true, it often is.

Yes! You read the above quote right and to tell you the truth, I regret wasting R40.00 on this data bundle. Like, I don’t get why they used the ‘uncapped’ word there. Well, the data bundle has a fair use of 150MB and for that I will give it a rating of 4 over 10.

MTN Bundle Is Not Really Uncapped – Slow Downloading Speed after the Fair Use.

People will be convinced (like I was) to buy this data plan when they have a lot of things to download. One would consider it to download large files, music, games, apps, or even use it to update softwares and so on. The downloading or connection speed decreases in an irritating manner after the fair use (150MB – as I mentioned earlier).

If one is planning on using this data plan to download large files, anything above 50MB then be ready to be disappointed. I mean, after the 150MB fair use it will be slow and may take you an hour or two to download a file with a size of 50MB or above. Downloading files with a small size like 10MB should take three minutes or less but with this data plan it will take more than three minutes. It can even take thirty or more minutes to download such files.

Data Bundle’s advantages and disadvantages in point form.

Advantages of MTN One Day Uncapped Data

  • You get to use this data plan for a day without worrying about running out of data.
  • It is good if you want to do research on the internet.
  • Good for downloading small sized files. Let’s say 40MB and less but, better for files that are less than 10MB in size.

Disadvantages of MTN One Day Uncapped Data

  • It loads website pages very slowly.
  • You can’t download files with a large size (50MB+) unless you are willing to wait for hours.
  • It is time-wasting.
  • The internet connection is very poor.

Check out this post from the mybroadband website on how they (claim they) destroyed the fair use of this R40 costing data bundle from MTN.

Don’t be fooled by MTN with this data bundle and the “uncapped” word should not be used on this data bundle. If you want to download large files try the night express data bundles.

R40.00 airtime for MTN one day data bundle (uncapped) is bad results. Rather use the R40.00 airtime to buy four 1GB bundles (totaling to 4GB) to use from 00:00 – 06:00 SA Time.

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Follow the steps to buy 1GB data for R10:
One: Dial *141*2# then press 1 for the menu

Two: Choose option 3 (Purchasing Data Bundles)

Three: Choose option 6 (Night Express)

Four: Choose option 1 (Daily)

Five: Choose option 2 (1GB – R10)

Then confirm.

Thank you for reading. Do share the post and your thoughts below.

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