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The Number of Hacked Facebook Accounts Increases Daily! Here’s Why and How to Secure Yours.

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Hacked Facebook Accounts on the Rise. Secure your Facebook and Prevent Identity Theft - Mainly Blogging

The Number of Hacked Facebook Accounts Increases Daily!

Are you looking for ways to keep your Facebook secure and free from hacks? Okay, before I go in detail on how you can secure your Facebook account (and so on) – let me first define the two terms, our key words ‘Facebook’ and ‘hack’.

Facebook is a social networking website where users can find acquaintances or ‘friends’, exchange messages, and post updates. Hack on the other means to hack into; to gain unauthorized access to a computer or online account belonging to a person or organisation.

What Makes Your Facebook Account Vulnerable To Hackers? The Cause…

If you are following the trend of becoming a Feleb and adding a lot of random people or strangers on Facebook makes your account vulnerable. It makes it easy for people to hack your account when you add every “Friend Suggestion” offered by Facebook. This is true! More especially when you add people from countries (like India) that have a lot of hackers. And adding people you do not know is a bad idea and is against Facebook’s Terms and Conditions. You do know what that means right? So yes… By adding a lot of random people you are breaking the Facebook rules.

The other cause is enabling to receive Facebook notifications as text messages (via SMS). When you choose to enable Facebook notifications make sure you don’t change or lose your phone number and if you do… Do update your phone number on Facebook. See what happens is that after you lose your number, a service (network) provider will give your old number to somebody else. That person will be able to access your account and even change your password using your old number. It’s easy for that person to have access to your account when the old number is still receiving SMSes from Facebook (Facebook notifications – enabled).

Facebook Accounts to Stay Away From (and Report as Spam)

There are accounts created for spam and unethical purposes only. Such kind of accounts promotes sex, post porn videos and so on. They usually have profile pictures of female celebrities or models with assets (great body shape, big breasts). Forgive me for mentioning that but, it is true. Also, the other accounts you should not accept are those of people who you have less mutual friends with.

Tip: If you decide to create a new Facebook account make sure you tag your old account so people can know it is you. You can also let them know about your new Facebook account by posting about it on your old Facebook account (timeline).

In case you receive Friend Requests from people you do not know, you are advised to decline their friend request and report them as a spam. You are also advised to check the number of mutual friends and their profiles before accepting any Friend Requests. Anyway, check out the tips below on how you can keep your Facebook account safe and secure.

To keep your Facebook account hack free consider these tips:

  1. Change your password every month. Okay, you don’t really have to change it every month but changing it periodically will do.
  2. Don’t add people you don’t know! Especially when you are far from each other, it can be a country away or province away. This does not apply if you are a traveller and you meet a lot of new people on a daily basis.
  3. Don’t log on Facebook with your friend(s)’ phone. If you do, make sure you clear cookies and passwords after. PLEASE! don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying your friend(s) will hack your Facebook account but if they were kind enough to allow you to access Facebook on their phones, they may also be kind to other people (their family or other friends) which might… Okay let me leave this one out.
  4. Don’t use obvious and easy passwords.
  5. Do not share your email address / phone number / password.
  6. Always check your messages. These fraudsters will send bad messages to your friends.
  7. Check your wall or timeline (on a daily basis) to see if only things ‘you’ posted are there. What I mean is that you should check if there are no bad posts (images, posts, links) you don’t know of and you haven’t posted.

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Consider these tips to keep your account safe, secure and hack free, Also share to help others keep their accounts safe. What’s your take on this? Got better suggestions and tips? Do leave your comments below.

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  1. Really good tips. I will remember that when I change my phone number. Some people are just plain evil. I don’t understand.

    1. One will never understand why people do the things they do and make sure you do, cheers.

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