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Namecheap Review: Transfer Your Domain Now and Enjoy Massive Savings Every Year

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Namecheap review: Cheap domain names and web hosting 2018 - Mainly Blogging

Are you not tired of paying extra on domain names, WHOIS guard, SSL certificates, web hosting and email services? How silly of me (to ask that!) Of course you’re! Well, today is your lucky day as I bring to you a company named Namecheap.

Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar and web hosting company. It is based in Los Angeles, California and was founded in the year 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. They provide quality services and products at an affordable and reasonable price. You will get a discount on your first year and even save a couple of bucks when you use their monthly coupons. Sounds interesting? Create a Namecheap account by clicking here.

Registering a New Domain Name At Namecheap or Transferring One You Already Own  

You can register a new domain name or transfer one from your current registrar (to Namecheap). The domain transfer process is simple and short. Doing a domain transfer may seem like a hard process (especially for beginners), but it is not. You can believe me on that one. In fact, I have been there. I also, had that fear of transferring a domain name and you know what they say…

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will

I had to overcome that fear (of which I did) and thanks to Namecheap. Anyway, I’m going to cut this story short but… If you want to know more or need help with transferring a domain do contact me or drop a comment at the end of the post.

The great part is that the domain transfer won’t take too long (depending on your current registrar). If you are using GoDaddy it may take plus or minus thirty (30) minutes.

In my case, I approved the transfer process at 12:32 am. Surprisingly, the transfer process was complete at 01:20 am. I mean… In less than an hour it was done. It will take longer (5 days) if you don’t confirm the transfer process on your current registrar’s dashboard – under transfers.

You can transfer a domain to another if your domain meets the following:

  1. Your domain has been registered with your current registrar for more than sixty (60) days.
  2. The transfer protection is turned off.
  3. You have removed your domain’s privacy (or WHOIS) protection.

Also, you won’t lose the remaining years or months when you transfer your domain name.


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Now let me mention some of the reasons you should transfer your domain to Namecheap.

  • You get a discount and only pay $9.69 or even $8.84 on the first year if you use a coupon on .com domains. Their .com renewal price is $10.69 whereas a .net domain costs $11.88 and renews at $12.88. You can check their website for other domains’ extensions.
  • Get a free WHOIS guard or privacy protection for a year (when you purchase a new domain or when transferring a domain to them).
  • You’ll pay only $1.99 for a Comodo Positive SSL Certificate (first year only) when you transfer a domain and when buying a new one. NEW: You get a free SSL certificate when you purchase Namecheap’s hosting.
  • You get to try their free private email hosting plan (free for two months). If you like it, you can then purchase it.
  • Their Live Chat support is superb! Available 24/7
  • Their dashboard is simple and their checkout doesn’t overwhelm you with products to buy (unlike GoDaddy).
  • Supports Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal and you can even top up your account.
  • Lastly, their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are always on point! Trust me you don’t want to miss that.

Are you paying attention to the free products? Great add-ons right?! I know 🙂

Namecheap For Hosting

I find their hosting plans quite pricey for small businesses or blogs. This is definitely true, especially if you own one blog or website.

Their first plan costs only $9.88/y (it renews at $38.88) and has the following features: 20 GB SSD Accelerated Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, cPanel control panel, An up time of 99.99 percent (100% Up time SLA), Total Security, Softaculous installer and can host up to three websites.

Considering the features provided, you can see that their hosting plans are not pricey after all. However, you should use their hosting packages if you have a minimum of three websites or blogs. For those who own one website or blog, it is advisable to use it when your business is doing well or you will spend more than you make.

SSL Certificates, Custom Email and WHOIS Guard

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate will protect your visitors’ data like credit card info, email address and so on. Their SSL certificates starts from $9.00 per year! And remember, you can get the SSL certificate for $1.99 when you transfer a domain or when registering a new one. Their email packages start from $9.88 per year and with a custom email address your business will sure look professional.

WHOIS Guard will protect or hide your details (email address, your residential address, name, phone number). This is to ensure that you don’t get spam messages and to protect you from identity theft. It costs only $2.88 per year and you get it for free when you register a new domain and when transferring one. Without a doubt their WHOIS guard is cheap compared to other registrars.

Namecheap Support

Like I said earlier their Live Chat support is superb! You can contact them any time and they will definitely respond to assist you. If you are not in a rush to get a response, you may consider sending them an email. They will reply within 24 hours! If it is urgent then their Live Chat support will definitely do.

Namecheap Cons

There’s no product or company without cons, so here are Namecheap’s cons:

  1. No phone support.
  2. They don’t offer renewal coupons. You only get discounts for the first year, or when you add more years on your products.

That’s not all though! They do offer other great hosting plans and products. Make sure you check them out and thank you for reading this post. Do share the post to your friends, cheers.

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