B.Dee Roots’ Live Performance Show – March 2018

B.Dee Roots Live Performance Show - Mainly Blogging

B.Dee Roots, real name Katlego Makua is a young talented musician born and raised in Mpumalanga, Middelburg in Mhluzi. He sings, produces, live-performs, and is a Disk Jockey who has had the passion for music from a very young age. He would often express it by banging buckets as a drum set when he was a very young boy, growing up. Check out B.Dee Roots’ full biography here…

B.Dee Roots will be hosting his second Live Performance Show on March 2018.  The Live Performance Show was first hosted in 2017, where various producers, DJs and performers in Middelburg expressed their talent. Also, in 2017, B.Dee Roots has taken an initiative to get concrete information by enrolling for a sound engineering course at Southwest Media College and has already acquired N5 level certificate and still studying further for a Diploma in the field to be a fully equipped Sound Engineer.

About B.Dee Roots Live Performance Show

B.Dee Roots Live Performance - Mainly Blogging
Fans Jamming to B.Dee Roots Music

B.Dee Roots Live Performance Show is an annual show aimed at bringing a wide range of entertainment within the grounds of Middelburg, Mpumalanga. It is brought and presented by B.Dee Roots & his company BDEE ROOTS MUSIC AND WEAR. The show is a combination of various entertainment concepts conceived to accommodate the different areas of the talent and entertainment interests in Middelburg. And that is presented to the public as the “BLPS SHOW”.

B.Dee Roots Live Performance Show - Mainly Blogging

The early hours of the show are aimed at focusing on a concept called “Tea Firstival” which is a combination of the word “First” and “festival”. Which means that there will be a clean concept of entertainment which will be a bit formal, but vibrant, welcoming with entertainment. Mainly being poetry, comedy, motivational speaking, and chilled music performances. These performances will happen before the main action with the concept called “BLPS Show” that takes place from 18:00. Also, there will be Djs (Hip Hop x House), Hip Hop performers and more entertainment.

B.Dee Roots Live Performance Show - Mainly Blogging

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