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Create A Free Professional Blog Without Breaking A Sweat!

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Free Professional Blog - Mainly Blogging
Create a free professional blog and show it off to your friends.

Ever thought of having your own blog? But did not know where to start? Great, Today I bring to you a few sites you can use to create your own blog without spending a single penny. A free blog has the same functionalities as a paid one but with few or less features. A free blog’s features are not bad at all! And the good thing is you can upgrade to a paid one later, if you want.

Difference between a Free Blog and a Paid Blog – Features

A free hosted blog and a paid hosted blog differ from the following features

  • Professional domain name
  • Bandwidth
  • Disk space
  • Control over affiliate programs or ads

With a free hosted blog you don’t get a professional domain name like sitename.com, instead you get a sub-domain like sitename.hostname.com. The bandwidth and disk space are usually less but enough for most bloggers. Lastly, control over ads… Well, you don’t have control over ads on a free hosted blog. This means that the platform you are going to use may show ads on your blog without your concern and you won’t be paid for the ads shown.

Also, you won’t be able to join most affiliate programs because they don’t approve free blogs and websites. However, there are affiliate programs that allow publishers to use sub-domains (free hosted blogs) to earn money. For instance, having a blog at blogger allows you use Google’s Adsense to earn money. There’s more to that later on the post! Anyway, let’s get started.

Create Your Professional Blog Using WordPress, HostKing, Wix And Blogger.

There are four websites to use to create a free professional blog – namely WordPress, HostKing, Wix and Blogger. All the above mentioned sites (excluding WordPress) have a simple dashboard that allows you to ‘Drag and Drop’ the features you want on your blog. This ‘Drag and Drop’ option makes it hard for webmaster to manage and customize on a smartphone. If you choose WordPress you can easily customize your website using themes, plugins and widgets. WordPress makes it easy for webmasters to manage and customize their blogs using a smartphone. The WordPress app is available for both smartphones and desktop.


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system. “WordPress was used by more than 27.5% of the top 10 million websites as of February 2017” – Wikipedia.

At WordPress you will get a blog with a URL like yoursitename.wordpress.com and upgrading to a paid one is simple. To create one at WordPress follow the instructions below.

Professional Blog At WordPress - Mainly Blogging

WordPress.com Sub domain

Community Support

Hundreds of free themes

Basic Design Customization and 3GB Storage Space

Use This Simple Step to Create Your Free Professional Blog at WordPress

Write the blog URL you want on your web browser like msquaredblogpost.wordpress.com. You will get an error message (picture below) when the URL you want is not yet registered.

Free Professional Blog at Mainly Blogging

To register it click on the blue link that says “Do you want to register blogurl.wordpress.com”. If the URL you want is registered (or deleted), rename the URL or try another one.

When you click on the ‘do you want to register…’ link you will be redirected to another page. On the next page you have to complete a few (simple) steps. Step one requires you to select the category of your blog and for step two choose how you want your homepage to appear. On step three, choose your theme and select your free blogurl.wordpress.com domain URL. Lastly, on step five select the free plan and complete the details on step six (email address and password). On step six you simply register an account. If you already have an account – simply click login.

After successfully creating your account, you can start editing your blog by visiting your blogurl.wordpress.com/wp-admin. For ease of posting and adding of categories, I urge you to download the WordPress application from your App Store or Google play store. You can also get it for your Desktop.

Create A Free Professional Blog At WordPress – Sign up here


Free Professional Blog At HostKing - Mainly Blogging

HostKing Provides the most affordable world class hosting in South Africa.

At HostKing you will get a blog URL like yoursitename.mysite.web.za and upgrading to a paid one is also simple. To create one at HostKing visit this link. Update: The HostKing Company has recently updated their website, but it is not a big deal in terms of checking out. 

Free Blog Features at HostKing

  • 500 MB Disk space
  • 500 MB Bandwidth
  • Eleven plugins
  • Sixty-six templates

To create a blog at Hostking click on this link and scroll down after landing on their website. After scrolling down look for the ‘free’ option and click on the Get Started Now button. On the next screen enter your blog’s URL and select Check now. You will then see your Review and Checkout screen (with order summary on the right. Make sure the cost is R0.00 as it is for free). Now you can click Checkout and login (or register your new account).

Create A Free Professional Blog At HostKing – Sign up here

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Free Professional Website At Wix

Wix.com is a cloud-based web development platform that was first developed and popularized by the Israeli company also called Wix.

Sign up or Log in using your Facebook or Google plus account by clicking here. After signing up you will be taken to a new screen, whereby you can choose the kind of website you want (in this case: a blog). Next choose the DIY you want and then choose the blog type and click next.

N.B The Wix ADI will offer you “Optional Features’ so choose what you want or need and click next.

Step By Step Guide At Wix

  1. Name your website and click next
  2. Add your business’s location or click skip.
  3. If your business is registered (official) – Allow the Wix ADI to learn more about your business. If your business isn’t registered you will get an error message. Therefore, on the error screen click Skip and add the details (about your business) manually.

Free Professional Blog At Wix - Mainly Blogging

After completing step 3 you will see the screen (picture above) – so click Start. On the next, choose your website’s design (template) then click continue. Wix ADI will then start preparing your homepage (this will take a couple of minutes). You can then click ‘Create Homepage’ when it is done preparing your homepage.

You can start customizing and designing your website on the next screen.

Start Designing Your Free Professional Blog At Wix – Sign up here.


Free Professional Blog AT Blogger - MainlyBlogging.com

At Blogger you will get a blog URL like yoursitename.blogspot.com. To sign up for a blog on this website you will need a Gmail account. First login on your Gmail account (if you don’t have one register at Gmail.com) and visit the blogger’s website. On the homepage (dashboard) Click New blog and a pop up window will show up.

Enter your blog’s details, title aka site’s name, blog URL and Template or theme and click the Create button. You will be redirected to your dashboard after clicking the ‘Create’ Button. You can then start editing and customizing your site.

Visit the Blogger.com website by clicking here.

To apply for Google Adsense your blog must be older than 30 days with at least 20 well written posts or articles. Update: Your blog doesn’t have to be 30 days (or more) old to be approved. The only thing you need is well written and unique posts. Also, your blog must have the contact us, about us and privacy policy pages.

That’s all you need to know. If you encounter problems please Contact Us.


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