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2 Ways You Can Remove Your Picture’s White Background in Less Than 3 Minutes. No More Sweating! And It’s Free!

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White Background Removal in Pictures Done in Minutes using Lunapic Transparent and Microsoft Word - Mainly Blogging

Howdy! Hopefully, you are good and ready to edit your pictures like a professional. Today, I bring to you two services (not really ‘services’ but you get the point) that will help you edit your pictures and remove ‘those’ unattractive backgrounds in your pictures. ‘Remove’ is another word for ‘make them transparent’ in this case.

Possible Reasons for Removing the Background In a Picture

Why would you remove your picture’s background though? Or why do you want to have a transparent background? Haha, okay you don’t have to answer those questions, because I know your answer(s) already! Or so I think. Anyway, all I know is that people remove their picture’s background because of an unattractive part on the picture, or to prepare their pictures for posters.

In other cases, one will remove the background of a picture that has an object to create a logo.  I mean, you can’t use a picture that has a white background on a poster or logo that has a blue background. This will look unprofessional and let alone being unattractive. These two tools will also help in editing your pictures if you want to enter a modelling competition. When you have one of these tools (or both) you can enter a modelling competition without hiring a professional photographer. Why would you? When you can edit your pictures by yourself?

We are going to use Lunapic’s transparency option and Microsoft Word’s photo edit option, so continue reading and start editing your pictures.

Check the points below to know the tool to use.

Use Lunapic Transparent if:

  1. You don’t have a computer or laptop. Lunapic transparent can be used on a smartphone and you can use Google Chrome or Firefox to edit your pictures. Go to either Chrome or Firefox on your smartphone and open the Lunapic website. Tip: Request desktop viewing for better viewing. For those who don’t know how to request desktop viewing: Click on the action bar (three dots) and check ‘request desktop viewing’.
  1. You have an internet connection and you want to edit the picture quick.


Use Microsoft Word if:

  1. You don’t have an internet connection.
  2. The part you want to keep on a picture has the same colour as the background you want to remove.
  3. You have a laptop or computer and your Microsoft word is activated or working.

What is Lunapic?

Lunapic is a website that allows one to edit his or her pictures for free. In short, it is a free online photo editor.

The Lunapic website is one of the best platforms to use (online) to edit and design pictures. You don’t have to register nor create a special account (with premium membership) to use their tools. Lunapic has tools like resizing, effects, creating GIFs, Filters and so on, but on this post we talk about its Transparency tool.

This tool helps in removing the background of a picture as Photoshop and other paid software do! The difference is that Lunapic is free and you don’t have to install any software or app.


Lunapic Transparent Dashboard - Mainly Blogging

  1. Go to www.lunapic.com or visit our Developer Tools’ page to get a clickable link.
  2. Click upload and browse (or look for) the picture you want to edit.
  3. (After uploading the picture) Click on the edit option >> then select Transparent on the drop-down menu.
  4. Click on the colour you want to remove.
  5. Look for Save to: Device | Facebook… and to save the picture on your device click on the device link. You can also share the picture on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr if you want.

Watch A Video Instead! Removing The White Background In A Picture Using Lunapic Transparent

Without a doubt the Lunapic transparency tool works as a charm but it has one con. The con is that, if you want to remove a white background on a picture, you have to make sure that the area you want to keep in that ‘picture’ does not have the white colour (or it will be transparent too).

For instance: Let’s take you have a picture of yourself wearing a white t-shirt and the background you want to remove is white. What will happen is this, the minute you remove your picture’s background colour – your t-shirt will also lose its colour (making it transparent in a black manner). Your t-shirt will now be colourless and when you use it on a blue poster (or background) it will become blue, on a green poster (or background) it becomes green and so on.

In such cases, I recommend you use the Microsoft Word’s picture edit option. Continue reading to use the Microsoft Word’s trick.

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  1. Open your Microsoft word and add the picture(s) you want to edit on your document.

(If the picture you want to edit has a white background, change the page background colour to another colour. You can do so by clicking on the Page layout tab and select page colour).

  1. Click on the picture and select the format tab on top.
  2. Select the Remove Background option.

You will see five (5) options and the purple colour on the picture represents or shows the areas of a picture that will be removed if the cropping frame is not resized.

Microsoft Word - Mainly Blogging

  1. Resize the cropping frame to show the full picture. If you don’t resize the cropping frame, the tool will crop the picture for you. It might remove the parts you want to keep on the picture, so do resize it.
  2. (I) Select Mark Areas to keep and click on the picture to mark areas you want to keep (the + sign represent areas to keep)
    (II) Select Mark Areas to remove and click on the picture to mark areas you want to remove (the – sign represent areas to remove)
  3. When done, select keep changes.
  4. Go back to the home page by clicking on the Home button on the tab.
  5. Click on the picture and right click (to display options) and select save as a picture.
  6. Rename the picture and choose the picture format. I recommend you select the .PNG or .GIF format.

N.B Choosing the .JPEG/JPG format won’t remove the background.

Tutorial: Watch a video instead! Removing The White Background In A Picture Using Microsoft Word

That’s all you need to know and do folks! Do share the post and your take (thoughts) on this post using the comments section and thank you for reading, Cheers.

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