B.Dee Roots’ Profile and Visuals: An Upcoming Musician in Middelburg, 1050.

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B.Dee Roots Visual - Mainly Blogging
Isaiah Motuku Katlego Makua (B.DEE ROOTS)

Occupation: Record composer, DJ, Singer, Entrepreneur
Stage name: B.Dee Roots
Years active: 2012 – present
Date of birth: 24 March 1995 (Age 22)
Birth Place: Mpumalanga, Middelburg
Instruments: Keyboards

Biography Of B.Dee Roots

B.Dee Roots, real name Katlego Makua is a young talented musician born and bred in Mpumalanga, Middelburg in Mhluzi. He sings, produces, live-performs, and is a Disk Jockey who had the passion for music from a very young age and would often express it by banging buckets as a drum set when he was a very young boy growing up. With the driven passion of music, Katlego also expressed his love for music by becoming a dancer at the age of 10 years. He used to dance within his hometown when dancing was popular in the hood until he was approximately 15 – 16 just before he fell in love with the craft of making music at the age of 17.

Katlego was nicknamed “B Dee” by his friends at primary school and secondary school. He attended school at Eastdene Combined and was inspired by a friend named ‘Nkululeko Radebe’ to actually take his musical ideas into actual songs. It all began (for the young musician)  when he produced a song using a digital production programme named “fruity loops”. Late in 2012, Katlego had the opportunity to sit one-on-one with one of Middelburg successful musical natives, Nicholas Mboweni known as “Cuebur”. Cuebur who taught him the ins and outs of the digital production software “FL studio” which resulted in the young musician becoming more confident with composing and producing.

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B.Dee Roots In Action!

B.DEE Roots In Action - Mainly Blogging

In 2013, Katlego had his first digital release with Soul Family Music (SFM) founded by his primary school friend, Bonginkosi Khumalo (BK Soul). The digital release was an Extended Play (EP) titled “Deep Feelings”. When Katlego tried registering his nickname “B Dee” as his stage name, he realized there was someone using it already. The stage name “B.Dee Roots” was then born, as a constant reminder for him not to let go of his roots.

In 2014, B.Dee Roots moved to Pretoria where he got his first release deal when he was approached by Llogic Music, a music label in Pretoria. He released a single under the label later in 2014 and an extended play (EP) in 2015. In 2016, B.Dee Roots released a single (can be downloaded for free) titled “Power Of Love” on which he was in studio with Mfundo Mbuli (Mus Scales) for the recording of the song. The song got featured on a top 30 music chart at his local radio station (GM FM) in Middelburg. B.Dee Roots was also appointed resident DJ on a show called “The Flipside Show” which occurred every Saturday from 06:00 – 09:00 am for 6 months.

B.Dee Roots – Live Performance Show 

B.Dee Roots Associates & Live Performance - Mainly Blogging

In 2017, the young producer hosted his first show titled “B.Dee Roots Live Performance Show” where various producers, DJs and performers in Middelburg expressed their talent. It was so successful that there is a talk of making it an annual institution. A single has been dropped as well by B.Dee Roots featuring one of the house music industry’s best male vocalists, Komplexity. Komplexity is known for his duo with DJ Fortee “Komfort Blendz” and Afrikan Roots saxophonist Jay Sax on a song titled “Typa Kinda Lover”.


B.Dee Roots – Middelburg Observer (Newspaper)

B.Dee Roots on Middelburg Observer - Mainly Blogging

As one of the young musician’s musical milestones, B.Dee Roots was also featured by Middelburg’s biggest newspaper “Middelburg Observer” this year in July which published the story about his musical journey and has also been written on blog stories, got interviewed by an online radio station called “Deep Groove Radio” and also got a slot on Ikwekwezi fm which got great love from the station’s listener’s and his fans. B.Dee Roots is also a founder of a company (BDEE ROOTS MUSIC AND WEAR) in which he plans to pave the future and a home for his music, and clothing merchandise, as well ambassador other artists within the company’s banner in the future. Also, in 2017, B.Dee Roots has taken an initiative to get concrete information by enrolling for a sound engineering course at Southwest Media College and has already acquired N5 level certificate and still studying further for a Diploma in the field to be a fully equipped Sound Engineer.

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B.Dee Roots ‘ associates

B.Dee Roots Associates & Live Performance - Mainly Blogging

B.Dee Roots has either worked or had a direct studio experience with the likes of Cuebur, Cubique Dj, Mfundo Mbuli (Mus Scales), MGee Keys, Komplexity (Komfort Blendz), Jay Sax ( Afrikan Roots Saxophonist), Gabstar, The Royal Zino, Lady Figgs, Nvee, Christyle, Salt and so many more musicians. Also, he has been at various music gigs, some of which he was put on the poster as one of the main headliners.



Crazy Drums (2012) [single], Hidden Feelings (2013) [single], Deep Feelings (Soul Family Music,2013) [Extended Play], Dipsomaniac (Llogic Music, 2014)[Single], I Rise (Llogic Music, 2015)[Extended Play], Power Of Love (feat. Gabstar, 2016) [Single], Typa Kinda Lover (SFRecordings, 2017) [single], and many more music.

B.Dee Roots Typa Kinda Lover mp3 Download - Mainly Blogging

Connect and Catch up with B.Dee Roots’ Latest Events, Music and so on Using the Links Below:

  1. Instagram @BDee_Roots
  2. Twitter @BDee_R00ts
  3. Facebook page @B.Dee Roots
  4. Sound cloud: B.Dee Roots →
  5. Reverbnation: B.Dee Roots


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