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How to Stay Winning As a PopAds Publisher And Advertiser: Stay On Top Of Your Game!

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PopAds review 2017 - Mainly Blogging

Are you a blogger looking for ways to make money online? Or an entrepreneur that wants to promote his or her website (online) without spending much? If you are, then PopAds will definitely come to your rescue! So do continue reading.

PopAds is said to be a CPM based network but, I prefer calling it a pay per view (for advertisers) and get paid per view (for publishers) network.

After reading this post, you will know how PopAds work and how you can earn money with it. Also, you will know how to:

  • Create a PopAds account.
  • Manage your advertiser and publisher account like a professional.
  • Track your traffic and analyse your data. And you will know what to do when your website gets rejected (It’s a rare occurrence).

In what way does our PopAds Review differ from other reviews?

You may have read other reviews about this affiliate program but ours is a bit different. So how does this post differ from other posts? Well, we talk more about the advertiser account and the tools available for both publishers and advertisers. All we know is that other reviews don’t say much (or say nothing at all!) about the mentioned points.

PopAds is one the Best Affiliate Programs for Publishers Who Don’t Get Adsense’s Approval

PopAds is one of the best alternatives of AdSense and the easiest to join. The signing up process is simple and can be completed within five (5) minutes. The great thing is that you don’t have to wait for days to get approved. Unlike Google AdSense! That requires you to put their code to a website that receives a number of daily visitors before getting approved. Anyway, it takes about twenty four (24) hours to get approved and your website will be approved for sure.

This affiliate program allows small publishers and upcoming bloggers to earn money! And advertisers will pay to get their exposure and traffic.

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How does PopAds work?

Well… It depends on your goals or/and on what you want. I’m only saying this because you can use PopAds as a publisher to earn money or as an advertiser to bring traffic and exposure to your website.

When you choose to be a publisher: you need to submit your website for consideration. You can do so after registering and confirming your PopAds account. Once your website is approved, you can then grab a code and install it on your website to start making cash. There’s more to this as you continue reading.

On the other hand! When you use it as an advertiser, you have to add funds (minimum of $10) to your PopAds’s dashboard. You will then use the funds added to create a campaign (if not campaigns). The funds added to your dashboard will be used to pay publishers when they bring traffic and exposure to your website.

One Account! Two Dashboards (Publisher’s and Advertiser’s) – PopAds

The other thing is that you don’t have to choose between being a publisher and an advertiser. You’re allowed to be both (a publisher and an advertiser) if you want. And your account will have both the publisher’s dashboard and the advertiser’s dashboard. The great thing is that you only need one account and I will help you with creating an account as you continue reading.

For publishers: Before you start, make sure you have a blog or website with at least five posts. Not to say this is a requirement but it would be great to use a site that is already established.

You Website Must Have the Following Before You Apply For a PopAds Account. It must have:

  • Enough and clean content. Your content must not promote hate speech, drugs, weapons and other related content.
  • The about us, contact, and privacy policy pages (optional).
  • Easy navigation and uncluttered homepage. This is for better user experience.
  • At least hundred (100) daily page views. Don’t stress though! PopAds will still approve your website even if you receive less traffic. However, the catch is that you won’t earn much with a few daily page visits.

To create an account at PopAds click here.

PopAds Registration Process

  1. Fill in all the required details. The required details include: Username, Email address, Country, Password, First name, Last name and phone number.
  2. Prove you are not a robot (CAPTCHA) and accept the terms and conditions, then click register.
  3. PopAds will send a confirmation email, do confirm and login to your dashboard.

Your PopAds Dashboard – Publishers

PopAds review 2017 - Mainly Blogging

After confirming and logging in to your dashboard.

On your left side there’s a menu with all the tools you need. On your Publisher’s panel click New Website to add your site. Add your site’s name, URL, description and select your site’s category. Next, choose the campaigns and advertisement type you want to display on your site. Advertisements types include pop up and pop under ads. After doing this, submit the form and wait for your website to be approved.

Differentiation between Pop up ads and Pop under ads – PopAds

Keep this in mind: Pop up ads are the ads that appear on top of the page your visitor will be viewing. Visitors find pop ups irritating. Pop under ads appear under the page a visitor will be viewing. The user will see the pop under window when he or she is done viewing the page he/she was on. This could be your website’s page or post.

Generating and Installing a Code After Being Approved.

Once approved, log in to your account and generate a code. To do that, check under your publisher’s panel and click code generator. Select the site and generate the code.  N.B. The ‘select a website’ option won’t be there when your website is not approved. The generated codes will be seen when you scroll down. You can choose one code from the ones provided (standard code, anti-ad block, PHP and so on) and implement it.

I recommend you choose the Anti-ad block code! It will pass your visitors’  ad block plugin(s) and no traffic will be left un-monetized. Don’t forget to change it (anti ad block code) every a month (or after two weeks). This applies only to the anti-ad block code.

PopAds Affiliate Code Placement

You should add the code (you copied) under your website’s header. For WordPress users: Go to your dashboard under Appearance > Editor > Theme header and paste it between <head> and </head>. Make sure you click update file after adding the code. Once done, clear your site’s cache (ONLY if you have a plugin like Auto optimize) and your site will then start showing ads. Your visitors will see the ads when they click on something on your website.

Tip: Use the trouble-shooter option to check if the code is inserted correctly.

The Common Error About PopAds’s Trouble-shooter.

However, you may receive an error saying the code is not inserted (while the code is working!) when you use the trouble-shooter option. I don’t know what causes this but you confirm by visiting your website. On your website, click on anything and see if a window – similar to the one shown on the picture below pop ups. If it does! Then your website is ready to start making money.

I have lost the picture that shows the message I’m talking about! But the message says something like “You are seeing this screen because you are a PopAds publisher and we use this to protect our advertisers. Switch off the message for two weeks”. Yeah! It goes a bit like that (I mean that’s all I can remember).

What to do when your website is rejected at PopAds?

You know what they say! “You have got to save a room for disappointment” so if your website gets rejected don’t stress or give up! But do this instead. Go to your Publisher’s panel and click websites. On the next screen: you will see your website, so click your website’s URL under site name. You will be redirected to another page and on that page click ‘Edit’. On the next page, you will be allowed to edit your website and submit it for another review. Submit it for another review by clicking ‘save changes’ when you are done editing it.

Note: PopAds will show you the reason for rejection in brackets. They will also send an email to the email address you used when signing up.

Tips for PopAds Publishers:

  • Don’t use both pop ups and slider ads on the same page or site. A combination of these two will definitely annoy visitors.
  • Don’t install other pop up codes except for PopAds code. Installing other codes from sites like Popcash will reduce your PopAds’s revenue.
  • Use your PopAds report option to check the quality of your site’s traffic. PopAds does recommend that you deliver traffic that is of quality.
  • If you have Adsense ads installed in your website, don’t bother adding PopAds or any other pop up ads affiliate program(s). You’re not allowed to use Google Adsense on a website that uses pop up ads. Check out the post Google published. It is about using their ad code on a website that has pop ups.

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PopAds For Advertisers

To promote your website you need to create a campaign. The great thing about PopAds is that you can use your Publisher’s earnings to create a campaign. If you don’t want to do that, you can deposit money using PayPal, a credit card and so on.

To create your campaign, go to the advertiser’s panel (below the publisher’s panel). Select new campaign and fill in all the details. Under the general information section, make sure you select pop unders under adv. type.  Pop unders are great and this is to ensure that the visitors seeing your site are not irritated. Keep in mind that pop up ads are more annoying compared to pop unders.

Recommended Plugin to Increase Website Traffic:

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Tips for Advertisers:

  • When your site is still new: On the country targeting option choose ONLY your country. You may target other countries once you have enough visitors from your country.
  • Instead of requesting a pay out on your publisher’s account – use your earnings (min. of $2.50) to create a campaign. You can do this if you want new visitors.
  • Check the reports to see your visitors’ country and to track your campaign’s success.

Other useful information – PopAds

PopAds review 2017 - Mainly Blogging


To withdraw or deposit money use the billing option.

  1.  You can withdraw money to your account (paypal etc) when you have a minimum of $5. This is a requirement and you can withdraw your hard earned cash on a daily basis! Just as long it meets the minimum threshold.
  2. Also, a minimum of 10$ is required for depositing money.
  3. Under the referral center you can choose ads to place on your website or use the referral link. You will earn 10% for referred Publishers and Advertisers.

Go Ahead and Start Creating Your PopAds Account – Sign up here.

That’s all you need to know. Share your thoughts below and don’t forget to share the post.

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